a new place for my computer

Well after being sick and dealing with sick kids I finally have time to do a post on an accomplishment that is more than getting a shower. 
I use the butlers pantry right off my kitchen to do my computer and blogging. 
It is convenient as I can check things while cooking, doing dishes or whatever.
I had been using the top of the butlers pantry cabinet but not really conducive to comfort and we all know how a mere 10 minutes reading blogs turns into something like a couple of hours - yikes. 
I had bought this vanity way back in the warm autumn - October to be exact - remember when it was warm?  Just close eyes and remember ...ahhhh.  Okay back to now. I was going to cut into two bedside tables but then thought I'd paint if for the princess but as I was sanding it I fell in love with it.  It fits the space and has some drawers for junk...win/win.
Here is a bad before- it is lying in the driveway as I was stripping off the terrible paint job someone had done.  Yes, this was when it was warm outside. 
And then she was placed on the porch as I had other things to do. She sat there until the beginning of December - why when I had so much to do for Christmas I don't know.  I broke out of my safe zone of white and went with the robins egg blue with some glaze on top of it.  Then she sat some more.  In January I stained the top a walnut.  Sort of a Miss Mustard Seed influence.  I still need to decide on the knobs.  I have tons just need to figure out which I want to use. 
 I now am using her and it was all done because Marianne at Songbird gave me the swift kick in the pants to "gitter done".   She throws this to encourage those of us with projects that we have pushed aside and ignored to bring those out and finally finish them. 
Thanks Marianne- it is much more comfortable to read your blog now. 
Head on over to Songbird to see all the other finished "gitter done" projects.  

That's all I have to show for now.  But with this great weather today and this weekend I am a priming - painting "gitter done"  fool.  
So, I am sure there will be more to share next week. 
enjoy your weekend.


  1. I LOVE it ~ this piece just sings spring ;-)

  2. It is beautiful...love the blue!!

  3. My what lovely legs she has! Now you will spend even more time gazing at the computer with that lovely desk!

  4. Beautiful, I love the color! Enjoy her! :)

  5. OH! I love that look! My daughter just finished a project/ old entertainment conversion / for flatscreen...and she painted it robin's egg blue with the dark stain over it.
    Turned out great too.

    I really like your desk. I was thinking the other day, I'd like to paint my RTA particle board computer desk... something like this would look great.
    You've INspIRed me!


  6. Ah that must be so much better. You have created a wonderful place to blog! Love the table redo and I am so happy you decided to keep this one to yourself.
    Thanks for linking up!!!

  7. I love the contrast of the colors you chose!! What a beautiful piece to sit at to visit with us!!