Don't freak out !

I'm still here but things are going to be a bit different. 
First off you'll notice the new header and look, then probably notice that it is no longer called Tattered & Timeless.  I came up with that name for my leap into business and well that has changed some also. 
Okay I have been on a break from blogging.  Well at least posting wise. I have been researching and tearing my hair out trying to figure out this thing we call HTML.  Oh my gosh it is a persnickety thing. 
As you can see, I have changed up the look of the blog, it's scope and functionality.  It is cleaner, more family and more simple.

After the booth closing down and the down in the dumps feelings I have been having I used that down time to think.  I mean really think and prioritize. 
My word for 2011 is: discovery and I have been discovering things about me: who I am, what makes me happy, what I want out of life and such.

What I have decided is I want to live life.  I want all those things I say I'll do "someday" to be done "today".  I want to stop putting things off for when it will be a better time and start doing them in the now.  But I don't want to lose me or my family time in the process.

That being said, as much as I dream of having a store of my own "someday".  I am pretty sure that is just that - a dream.  It just doesn't work for me- I have two kids in upper schools- high and college who may not need me as much time wise but they still need me to support them by cheering them on and showing support in any way I can.  I have two kids in lower school and they need me time wise by helping with all things school related, sports related and everyday needs.  I can not do all of that and run a store.  So, that "someday" dream is being scratched off the list- and I am okay with it.

Doing a booth was a small leap in that direction but I realized that for the past 6 months I was running myself ragged trying to get new things done, trying to think ahead a couple months for buying purposes and also so much time on the road.  After all of that I was gypping my kids and myself.  So, the fun wore off.  I am sad that it didn't go better in the "successful" area but it was a learning lesson. I may try it again later if I feel the urge but I just don't feel that urge anymore.
I will do two more shows this year then take an indefinite time off from the "business".  I can't wait to attend a craft-antique show as a shopper again.  :)

So, what is up?  
Well going back to what lured me to blogs in the first place- my family and my home.  I still love remaking over old pieces of furniture but I want to do them for a specific purpose or person.  I want to re-do some rooms that have been pushed to the back burner while I have been so absorbed in the booth space.  I want to have fun with the kids.  I want to visit places more.  
I want to just live.  

So the blog might be changing a bit but I am still the same- I will be crafting, gardening, painting, sanding, sewing, cooking and sharing. 
New look - same me.


  1. oh this sounds so refreshing.
    go girl do for yourself instead of trying to please so many others in ways that didn't add up for you.
    Like you said, you still will do but on a personal level.
    Which is much better for the soul.
    this looks like it will be a sharing and caring family style blog with a lot of interest.
    No freakin' out here just excitement to see fresh and new
    Congrats and good luck

  2. I love the new look and your new outlook! Sounds like your in the right place in your life.
    Can't wait to see more of your blog! :)


  3. Hahahahaha Shroomie,
    I guess we need to catch up for I didn't know that you TOO were a blogger. LMAO. Although yours is all things home....mine is just food. Love it!

  4. Well I am loving your new look and the way you are examining your life. Many blessings to you as you continue to seek your new direction, T

  5. I'm glad you are figuring out what you want out of life right now. good for you! I hope you find a lot of fun, peace and happiness in 2011!

  6. Good for you for taking charge and making changes. I hope this will make you very happy.

  7. I'm glad you are figuring things out for yourself and your family...that is so important! You can still create and have fun but for yourself!!


  8. Tammy ~ good for you ~ there is nothing more precious than family..Hope to see lots more soon ;-)

  9. I love the new look! Everything happens for a reason. I'm not freakin' out! :)
    all the best to you and your family!

  10. love your new blog look, I'm still looking forward to seeing your house and furniture projects. Have a great week

  11. Your blog looks great. I would have never know it was you so I am glad you did that post. I look forward to reading about your new direction. I am glad you are ok with it all. I hope the best for you and I am glad you aren't running in all directions anymore. That is no fun.

  12. Hi Tammy, so glad you posted, I have enjoyed your blog for a little while now, and just adore all your projects. That being said, I agree with you on just living. Family, Life, is much more important than any else. The new header, name and page are awesome, I love the colors too, so vibrant! Perfect for a new start, xoxo tami

  13. Hi Tammy -- wow, you really have changed things up. A new year, a fresh start. Wishing you all the best on your road of discovery. Blessings, Tammy

  14. I can relate to all you've said! One sometimes just have to take a step back and decide what's most important in your life! I agree-it's so important to "live" life!
    I have always played around with wanting to do something creative for a living. I even did digital scrapbook designing for about a year, but realised that I spent ALL my time at the computer and none with my family or doing things for me. Love your new look too btw! Looking forward to your 'new blog'...

  15. Doing a booth is definately hard work and most people do not understand how much work actually goes into being a dealer. Good luck in your new direction. I to walked away last year and I was amazed at the extra time I had just from not looking for new pieces. I have a new job and I do not think about the job when I come home. I hope all goes well and you enjoy blogging.

  16. I like the way you think!!! The new look is great as is your outlook!!! I too gave up my "business" and I am happier for it...I now focus on what is important, our family and our happiness...I'm now doing things for us!!!

  17. Well, look at you girl! Lovin' the new blog design and your positive attitude and fresh outlook! Hugs!!

  18. We all have to get our priorities straight, Tammy and it looks as if you are headed in the direction that is best for you. The blog is looking great- nice and fresh. I can lament with you the intricacies of HTML. I have been trying for days to link some of my sidebar widgets to a menu bar under my header. Thank goodness I play in my test blog, because I've had some doozies of a mess. Plus I keep getting error messages. aaaggghhh.... I don't know what I'm doing wrong. LOL
    Best of luck to you in your endeavor to get where you want to be. :-) Sue

  19. Hi Tammy!

    I just love your new blog look! Very fresh and welcoming!

    So happy for you...sounds like you know what you want and are off to follow your heart!

    Hugs to you!

  20. Hi Tammy! I soooooo hear you on ALL of this! I applaud you for being true to who you are and what you're about and I'll be watching your fabulousness still. Love and light to you in your new paradigm!

  21. Congrats for embarking upon a new journey! The blog looks great but I need to change you on my blog roll!

  22. Hi Tammy! Change is good! It's going to be fun following your new blog- no doubt it will be great!

  23. I enjoy your sense of discovery and the way you continue to examine your life and work to craft it to your heart's desires. Kudos to you!