White vintage inspired accessories

While crafting away to make smalls for the booth space I whipped out some candles- just took normal white vanilla scented candles and adorned them with some vintage flair to make them more appropriate for the holidays. 

 Then when I was at Hobby Lobby I picked up a box of glass ornaments.  I figured I could put all those sheet music scraps to good use by making shredded pieces and filling the balls then adorning them with fun little medallions. 

I am finding that I now have a close second in crafting I love to do.  I love furniture first but this paper crafting sure is coming in a real close second. 
How about you- what have you created for the holidays from paper?

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  1. Your candles are so charming! I love anything with music on it!

  2. I have been sheet music happy myself this holiday season! Ornaments, banners...you name it!!

    Loving your creations!!

  3. Those candles are adorable! I am loving all the paper crafting this year too...esp. with sheet music!
    Happy WW