Paper happiness

The past two days it has been rainy so I stayed home and created more pieces for the shop Christmas transformation.  I got away from the paint and fabric, the glaze and burlap. I got out the paper and glue and all the fun little things to create. And boy did I have fun.
I found a bunch of sheet music at a habitat store and then some old hymnals that were in bad shape at Clines.  So, I decided to create with them.
Marian at Miss Mustard Seeds does a great deal of wreaths with cone sheet music.  I have seen others too but hers are amazing to me.
I decided to see how hard that was and you know what ?  After you burn yourself enough times with the glue gun you don't feel the pain anymore. 
It was so much fun.
I started out making a ton of these:

Then I made one of these:  

It was rather large but oh so much fun to do.
Then I thought what can I do on a smaller scale that I can hang on a mirror or even on a tree?
So, I made this: 

Then I had one old hymnal from the late 1800's.  It was in a field at Clines and in terrible shape.  Very brittle but I was determined to save its beauty and use it in something.  I made this: 

I have to say - I LOVE it.  I hope it goes to a wonderful family that can appreciate its age.
Before all of these I was determined to bring in some red to the all white and silver Christmas makeover.  It needed a bit of a I took some balls and made 4 of these: 

They are ornaments about 4 inches in diameter and made with cupcake liners.  I had so much fun with them but then ran out of the liners so the cones took over from then and I totally forgot the mission or adding red.
Oh well- I'll figure out more red Sunday.
Tomorrow is all about me bringing the holiday happiness, the Christmas feel, and the loveliness to my booth.  Hubby will have the kids all day so I have all the time to be creative at the shop.
It takes me a bit of time to tweak it all to "my" sense of perfection.
I'll be sure to take pics and share them with you late Saturday evening.
Until then- be careful and don't forget to unplug the glue guns when you are done.


  1. Hello, Your wreaths are beautiful. I love them. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend. Terri

  2. Tammy- I follow Marian @ Miss Mustard Seed too...she's great! I started making these cone wreaths about a month much fun! and you are right about the glue!
    I'm sure your space will look wodnerful all decked out for Christmas...doing mine on Sunday!
    Take Care and Happy Creating!
    Tammy :-)

  3. ah...Ok that was meant to be wonderful...I hate it when I mis-spell a word...UGH!!
    Tammy :-)

  4. Love them super cute!!! How weird I just made some today also I'm going to post tomorrow!! I love the glitters o yours though. Very Pretty.

  5. Very pretty! I love vintage sheet music.

  6. I love these, especially the sing one. Can't wait to see the rest of your creations!

  7. These turned out beautiful, especially the ball made from the cupcake lines. I would love to know how you made them. Beautiful!

  8. So gorgeous! I love using old hymnals, too. I think these are my favorite rolled paper wreaths! My latest thing has been to use vintage book pages to make woven stars.

  9. Stopping by from Tickled Pink -- I love your sheet music wreaths, and especially the extra touch with the glittered letters! I'm definitely inspired to make some for our holiday open house!

    Pleased to meet you! I love your style!

  10. Those turned out beautiful!! I wish my fingers would stop feeling the glue gun burns! :) Can't wait to see pictures of the booth all Christmassy. :)

  11. I just found your blog and I love it! I know that I spent at least an hour reading everything and looking at all of your beautiful photos.

  12. I love the wreaths! The Sing one is my fav.!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Oh my I adore that paper garland and that three tier wreath! So beautiful.

  14. I was looking for a craft today for a piano teacher, and simply love your sheet music wreath. Not quite sure how to put it together. But I will see what I can figure out from the picture. Is there a tutorial for the wreath? Not sure what you used for back, wire wreath form? or did you just hot glue it together?
    Love this site.
    jean billington

  15. Love the decorations. I hope you take a photo of all your ornaments & such once all is in place. I would really like to see that.

  16. These are all just beautiful. What glorious decorations you are going to have!

  17. Hi, Found you via Holly at 504 Main... what a lovely blog. I am totally into your project... just need some vintage music sheets. I'm your newest follower

  18. So glad you "saved" those hymnals from destruction out at Cline's. And look at the beauty you created from them! Love your crafty cone wreaths.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage