Muffins to the nines..

My daughter Sophie has her Thanksgiving desserts today at kindergarten. 
We are bringing pumpkin muffins. Now normally I'd throw them on a plate and call it done. But then I hear my friend Liz saying, " Always take it up a notch and make it pretty.  No reason muffins can't be pretty.".  
She is right.  
Liz does everything to the nines.  Seriously, when she throws a yard sale she makes breakfast and mimosas to serve the friends that are working it. 
So, to make Liz proud and to start making it pretty here are our pumpkin muffins. 
How do you take snacks to school? 


  1. This is so refreshing and you would think you were having the ladies for lunch not going to school with it.
    Why not make it special, it is special for those little ones...have fun, I bet that plate comes home with only crumbs.

  2. Simply Beautiful!!!!
    Rich often wonders how can a simple task turn into an "event" or "party" with a menu and drinks at a moments notice. It makes him crazy....I tell him it's a "gift" from my Mom! hahaha....
    The muffins look yummy and the presentation is divine!
    I sure do miss you....