Junkin' with Brambleberry Cottage

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Liz from the Brambleberry Cottage again  - this time at the vendors yard sale at Gibson Mills.  She was going to sell some of her stuff and was giving me first dibs..
She has EXCELLENT taste.  I got a great load of stuff...thanks so much Liz.
Isn't this a wonderful frame?   

Lots of sewing drawers for future projects..

 Some china pieces and a small cloche..

 This most wonderful distressed leather train case..I love it. 

 Funnels..and more funnels.  I am going to make light fixtures out of them.

A gorgeous glove box...She did all the hard work on this already.

A metal box - check out the handles on the end - full of lovelies.

 This bucket is metal and well who can say no to hydrangeas? 

 Here is a good shot of all my metal loves. 

 Is this not the coolest thing ever?  A small metal trunk..

 I always look for these metal trays..so many uses.

 Two plaques of musicians

 a gorgeous shabby frame

 I can think of many things that this can become..a memo board, a mirror, etc...

 love chippy, love scales- double win here

 ahh silver and for candles. 

Take a look at all these cool little bottles - my kids were digging the red shovel 

 these just make me smile..boing....

 with the right little shade this will shine- get it shine? haha

white sewing drawers waiting to be transformed...

a white stool just needing some padding and some great fabric then it is done.

 and this is a nesting canister set..Liz had a great idea to paint them then put numbers on them..
 As I said - I hit the mother- load with all her stuff. But can you believe I then left there to go to Clines with the hubby and kids and bought even more treasures. 
Check back to see what I got there later.


  1. HOLY MOLY that is a lot of stuff!
    Great stuff too I might add.
    What a wonderful friend to let you get first dibs. LOL
    I love the idea of painting the canisters with numbers
    Have fun with all your new finds

  2. Whoa Nellie! Hope you had a truck to haul all that great stuff. The train case is my fav but it's all faboo!


  3. WoW, Nice stuff!! Lucky lady you are! Thanks for sharing! Sue

  4. Junkin with first dibs... sounds like fun! Great finds! Love the sewing drawers and old metal funnels. Can't wait to see how the light fixtures turn out!

    Take care!

  5. Gosh I don't know where to start with the ooohs and ahhhs! It's all wonderful and I want it!!!

    Great finds.


  6. Wow you sure brought home a lot of great treasures and I can't wait to see what you do with some of them. I am thinking you may have done a little happy dance at the end of the day.

  7. Beautiful tattered and timeless finds!
    Look forward to seeing more.
    ~ Julie

  8. I am so excited about your post. I found that exact drawer you show in the picture with all the sweing drawers. The one with the medallion-y looking front. I found mine at a thrift store and grabbed it cause it looked vintage but couldn't figure out what it was. A sewing drawer!!!! You got lots of goodies- thanks for sharing!

  9. Gee...a double mother load!!! Loving the train case!

  10. Oh my! Yummy finds!

    Warm blessings...

  11. Wow! You did get a load of stuff! Love, love, love the train case!

  12. Holy Truckload Batman! lol My jaw is on the floor. Yes, I definitely wish you were closer so we could junk together! I love that you plan to make the funnels lights. I can never get enough sewing drawers and anything rusty. This is a great lot of items. Lucky girl!

  13. I am sooo jealous, what great finds!


  14. Very cool finds. I feel like I was there too. thanks

  15. Great stuff! I have a stool just like yours. I used Jennifer Paganelli's brown zebra fabric on it, painted it a distressed white. I use it with my vanity. It's not the ideal seat, but it's comfortable and cute. I just used a regular bed pillow for the cushion. It's fluffy delicious!

  16. I'm sooo glad you got to the sale when you did, Blogging Buddy! I knew you would want the cream of the crop...as did everyone who tried to buy your stash, while you were standing there! LOL

    Can't wait to see how you transform everything!

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  17. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  18. Wow Tammy! You sure made out! What a delightful invitation to receive to get first picks!! Love what you chose! Lucky you!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  19. Oh how fortunate you were to go on a Junquing forray of this magnitude and come away with such wonderful scores to create from!

    Dawn... The Bohemian