Clines - all I can say is A-MAZ-ING

Well I had the privilege of finally visiting the motherland of junking here in North Carolina on Friday.  My mall owner, Paige invited me to make a trip with her.  We had it planned for a couple of weeks.  I had hubby take the day off from work so he could attend the car lines and Halloween parties at the elementary schools. 
This was my day- all mine.
I met her at 645 at a McDonald's for our trip to heaven.
I followed her all the way to Mt. Pleasant to CLINES. 
When we got there my other blogging friend - Liz from Brambleberry Cottage was there to meet us.  She has been frequenting this junk heaven for many years and she was there to show me the ropes.  This was not a place for the meek or scared.  It was massive and it had a certain way to do things.  No prices posted, nothing organized really but the men that worked there Don and Tim knew their junk. 
Liz walked me around to the many barns, the fields, the tractor trailers and the aisles of stuff everywhere.  She told me where certain things always are and how to keep track of what you want in the never ending piles in the barns.
Here are some photos of you to drool over...

I didn't get these cabinets but I sure wanted them.  Maybe on another trip..Can you just see the organizational process going ? 

I have to say it is a bit overwhelming.  I equated it to going to Ikea the first time and it was the second weekend they were open in Charlotte.  It was overwhelming.
After my initial walk through with Liz I then took the next hour to just walk around and absorb it all.  After that I slowly started walking and picking through things. I left with a small pile of items that I liked.  I truly wanted to get furniture but was a bit afraid I'd buy something and it wouldn't fit in the suburban.  So, next time hubby is going and we are taking a trailer that way whatever we find in junk heaven will fit and go home with us.


  1. Hi Tammy Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh, how did you ever get away from there. I am afraid I would have to pack a lunch and dinner and just shop till I dropped. Oh wow, I am like you I saw so many beautiful pieces of furniture and those drawers were so beautiful. Organization most definitely. WOW...

    I thank you for letting me tag along on your infamous trip. What a great time I had going back and forth looking at your photos.

    Have a beautiful Halloween, and thanks again for the wonderful share.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. I can't believe places like that really exist. I don't know how you did it, I would have been there just acting giddy! Wish I lived closer or there was one close to me. I got to First Monday is Canton, but this looks alot different! Can't wait to see what you bought.

  3. I love junky places, the junkier the better!!! That place is truly heaven! It reminds me of the places those guy's on the show "Pickers" go! Sure beats car lines and Halloween parties!


  4. OH my Word!! I am not just a little jealous, I am a LOT jealous.... Who knew that much junk existed.
    I would still be there. Wow!! Thanks for the pics, I may have to take a vaction in the south someday soon....

  5. Oh DROOL! I could spend a weekend there...

  6. Yep that definitly looks like a place you would love!!! I can't imagine how you kept yourself to a small pile- there is so much there. Glad you had fun.

  7. That place looks like a scene from American Pickers!! It must have been a bit overwhelming!!

    I'll be back again and again to take it all in!

  8. I could totally put on some hip boots and be happy there for the day.
    Nothing makes me happier than being able to dig through stuff...especially if you uncover something wonderful.
    What would be awful is to be there and know that you only have 30 minutes to shop!

  9. Now that IS heaven; I'm going to have to add that one to my junkin' bucket list! Thanks for showing us.


  10. This is my kind of junk shopping - so much fun never knowing what you will find.

  11. I love the cabinet too. I have no idea where I'd put it in this tiny abode, but I'd figure it out. Throw out the couches and sit on the floor, just to make room for that beautiful, unique piece.

  12. I'm so glad you asked me along to show you the ropes, Tammy. By far, Cline's is my favorite junkin' haunt, and I love to introduce others to it. We'll have to do it again some time soon...maybe even with our hubbies. ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  13. I love Clines too..stopped by a few years back on our way back from a trip to Savannah...found some nice pieces that I still use...amazing place but I tell people to be prepared to be overwhelmed...and wear comfy shoes and bring a pickup or trailor...actually we stopped by and i wandered for a couple hours...we left, spent the night nearby and went back the next day...for those who have never's that big!