A love lost

First there was this terribly misunderstood piece of furniture at the auction that no one liked:
She was worn, her veneer needed help - pretty much she was alone, dirty and naked.  And not the good kind of naked. 

But I could see her potential.  She WOULD be beautiful again.  She was perfect for my design aesthetic- she was tattered and I was going to make her timeless.
I worked for hours sanding and repairing.  I picked out the perfect paint color.  I tormented over what hardware would be the right jewelry for her. 

I came through it and she was revealed. She was marvelous. 

So, what is the love lost you ask?  Well I put her in the booth - there was a big corner that needed to be filled with something eye catching.  And she was that.
Someone is buying her. Yes that was the intention but in the back of my mind and the inner most part of my heart I was fine if she didn't sell as she could then come home with me - where she'd go I have no idea but I truly loved her.
I hope her new family loves her as much.
But I doubt they could as we have a history.


  1. Oh my gosh Tammy, I can so relate about falling in love with a piece of furniture that we have labored over and turned beautiful! I often joke that I will put a high price on a piece in my booth hoping it won't sell, and sure enough, it sells!

    Oh the perils of being a junker!!LOL.



  2. Oh - I'd have seller's remorse over that one too; it's beautiful. Love the knobs. Helping an old treasure find it's way to the right home is a gift - even when it hurts to say goodbye. :)


  3. It's so hard to give up some of the treasures we find, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by my blog to check out my favorite farm salvage place. I'm even sentimentally attached to that salvage yard, as I used to go to it as a child with my Dad. Enjoy your week. Sally

  4. Beautiful piece. I love seeing something someone so easily discarded become beautiful and adored.

  5. WOW!!!! I just love this!! I love to see what you can do to something that had seen it's last day, you do your magic and give it new life!! Girl keep it up!