Messed up blog

Well imagine my surprise when after months of trying to reach my blog designer that when I  searched for her website today and it has been suspended.  I won the blog makeover from a giveaway extravaganza that Nester held a while back.  It started out great as she was very helpful.
She offered many ideas - some already being used by others- that was a bit wierd for me I thought.
She did set the page up and then she sort of disappeared.  I contacted her with problems the blog was having but she didn't reply so I figured it out and fixed it myself.  Many days of reading and trying to figure out html.
Then a month or more ago she contacted me saying she needed to get my graphics off her server so I needed to provide her with photobucket info- I did but heard nothing again.  Then this week it all fell apart.  All the graphics were gone..Some said it was blogger- I don't know.  I tried on many different things to see it..
So, I have spent all day today and this evening fixing it all AGAIN all by myself.
So, my question is - why did I win a makeover that I eventually had to redo myself.  It was easier before it was all messed with.
So, moral of the story is FREE is not always best.  I have learned my lesson. All I need to do is find a new background.


  1. That is terrible. I would suggest changing your passwords. I hope you get your blog all figured out. I must say mine slowly came together through lots of ? to google as to change things around. Good luck.

  2. Mine went wacky too, but I am pretty sure it was something that blogger caused. I haven't had the time to mess with it. Check out hot bliggity blog, she has really cute free stuff. Sorry this happened to you, and thanks for sharing the lesson.

  3. Oh, that sucks, I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you. I agree with Alaina, change your passwords if you haven't already.


  4. That's so crappy Tammy! I'm sure you are so busy with your booth right now too - bad timing, eh? I don't think you should find another background as that burlap made it really hard to read your posts, I would just say line up your header and that would look just fine! Take care and hugs, girl...

  5. That sounds like such a nightmare. I know how hard it can be to set-up and then re-do stuff on a blog since I just started a few months ago, doing everything myself. It looks great though and I love the dresser makeover in the next post.
    April @