letters to create words...

Well thought I'd share some of the items I did in my booth in a more up close and personal way.
I love letters and words.  So, I figured why not make some to sell.  I bought some at Hobby Lobby that are paper mache, chip board and also wood to try out the different styles.  I have to say the wooden are my favorite and are the easiest by far.
They all have picture hangers on the back of each individual letter so they can be hung on the wall singly or run ribbon through them and hang them that way too.

These letters - BLISS are paper mache and they were a pain- I had to glue the scrapbook paper on them then rough up the edges and then do the backs.  But it was fun to mix the patterns up- kinda like paper sewing. 

These are the wooden ones.  So much easier- I painted them, glazed them and then distressed them. You could also glue paper to them if desired.

More mache ones strung on a jute twine..Not my favorite by far.

And these wish ones are chipboard.  Not at all my favorite.  I painted them with gloss paint then put glitter on them.  Chipboard does not take paint well- it sucks it up like a sweaty kid at soccer.
But once done they are beautiful.  These have ribbon at the top of each letter to hang them.  Very wispy to me. 

Well I hit Hobby Lobby and cleaned them out of their wooden letters so I have many Christmas themed and family themed words to do before Oct 2...so back to work for me.

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  1. Hi Tammy,
    Loving all your word creations...absolutely gorgeous! Loving your blog as well!
    Happy day!

  2. I just love how your booth turned out. I hope you sell, sell, sell. I too have a thing for words and letters. I have yet to visit a Hobby Lobby and it is on my todo list once the kids go back to school. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  3. Just stopping in to let you know that I love the blog. I just bought my first home aat the age of 22, shes about 50+ years, and I love the tattered oldness about her, so I was definitely drawn to your creations. I was surprised to see the first post I read being the wooden lettered words, Im currently in the process of doing my daughters names for their bedrooms and you gave me some great ideas! Anyways, grabbed your button lol. You can see it posted at brittaini-jay.com :-)

  4. You have given me so many lovely ideas! Thank you! Your blog is my favorite, it's so inspiring.