beauty in her legs

Okay I love chairs.  I used to have my business called "the Orphan Chair" but I felt it limited me too much so I changed it to encompass more than chairs.  But I am a sucker for an orphan chair.  You know the ones that are all alone and no one buys them.  Those are what get me.
This chair had such great carvings on it that it screamed to be painted, distressed and glazed.  It also needed some new upholstery- Normally I don't like to do upholstery- as I don't think I am good at it but I loved the wood on this. 
She screamed to be robins egg blue and then neutral so as not to take away from the blue.
See her carvings...

Look at those legs..

That's it.


  1. Hi Tammy ~ she looks beautiful! You are always so inspiring ~ I mentioned you in my post today. Thanks!!

  2. Oh it really is a pretty chair. I love chairs too. Just need more room. Hugs, Marty

  3. Hi Tammy! Love the chair. I found your blog through Elizabeth House. Your booth is so great I love it all. I'm in the Charlotte, NC area and have a booth with my friend in Lincolnton, NC. We also have a blog, I hope you will visit.
    I'll plan to stop in on your space when I am traveling through Lumberton next time.
    Have a great weekend!
    Tammy :-)

  4. That's a beautiful chair. I love the carving on the front and the legs -- or course!