A not so typical Saturday

This Saturday was not your normal Saturday of soccer.  First of all it was September 11th which in and of itself is a bit sad and a reminder that we have these Saturdays because of all that so many give of themselves.
But it being the opening day of Soccer there was a party at the field and we made it a good day for the kids..
We started out with some of this:
Yeah that amazing little girl is my Sophie.  She is a killer on the field and I love watching her play.  She did sort of have a meltdown when the Raleigh Railhawk mascot came around- have I told you she is afraid of people in costumes..Okay afraid is an understatement- she is TERRIFIED.
But he left and all was okay.
Then we watched some of this:

That handsome fellow is my boy Jack.  He gets a bit distracted but man when he runs he is in heaven.  I think we have a track or cross country boy in him.  Don't you love those lime green shirts? 
Then we told the kids we had an errand to run.  For what they asked.  I replied we just have to pick up something I ordered.  We then drove to CARA - Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption to pick up the puppy that we were adopting that they knew nothing of. He was a complete surprise to them.
Here is the newest member of our family- Boone. 

He is a 2 month old Lab/Retriever mix. I gave the kids the choice of 4 names:
Raleigh- the name the shelter gave him
Fisher- because we love the beach where we go - Ft. Fisher
Boone- we love the mountains we go to in Boone, NC
or Sam- well because it is just a cool name.
They chose Boone- which is what I secretly wanted.
We love him and he is so much fun.
Welcome to this crazy family Boone.


  1. Love the soccer shots!! And Boone, great name with a sweet face! Have a wonderful week!!

  2. Adorable kids. I have such happy memories of my son and his soccer days when he was growing up. Boone NC is one of our favorite places, too. We haven't been there in years and years. We moved out of the South and it is too far now. Thanks for adopting a rescue dog. They are so worth saving.

  3. Thanks Tammy for letting me be a part of such a fun day. I will never forget the kids expressions when they realized they were getting a puppy!