Some during shots...

Well we got a much later start than we hoped for.  The trailer we were borrowing was having some lighting issues- mainly no break lights.  And if you have ever driven I-95 you know that can mean trouble.
Once we got the donuts promised to the kids and got on the road we arrived at the Carolina Country Peddlers Mall around 11:30 (kids in tow).  The biggest surprise was the AC was not on.  Seems until she gets the place completely signed over to her at opening the AC does not come on - weird.  So, it was HOT dang it and I mean HOT.
Got the kids all set up in one area with the TV and wii and a big fan then we got to work.
Got the shell up then proceeded to the walls, did some trim then put some furniture in there till ready to sell.  We did not get the roof done or the "foofing" as it took longer than we imagined - whether that was from the late start, only having one who could climb the ladder or just the heat.  But we pulled out of there at 6pm to head home tired, sweaty and hungry.  We will go back - Just hubby and me on Tuesday and Wednesday to finish it off while kids are in school.  That way it can go faster and I can climb a ladder then. I'll post pics of post "foofing" then. 
Here's the during shots:
will post more around Wednesday.....


  1. Tammy, it is just and Kirk are a true team. You have added charm, warmth and interest to such a basic open space. I love love love it! I cant wait to see it in person.


  2. This is perfect timing as I am getting ready to re-do my booth! Perfect pictures to show my honey! Thank you ~ looks wonderful!

  3. Oh my, it's looking good. I have to say I couldn't quite imagine what it was gong to look it - good job!


  4. That is wonderful and your booth is huge. Now unless I missed it, I have been following really close. Tell us more about this mall, how many vendors and where it is located and how you came to choose this mall an how big your booth is. i have a booth in a mall and I have never seen any this spectacular!! Congratulations, can't wait until your next post!