Booth is coming along.

Me on bed rest is really hampering getting the booth done and ready to go.  Not to mention getting furniture done to fill it with.  But we are plugging along slowly.

Here are some during shots to share...
Remember this is what we are starting with - boring.

Here is hubby cutting wood- lots of wood. It was so hot he was wringing wet but he pushed through it..what a guy.

Here are some walls...

And now they are assembled into a booth shape..

That's all I've got to show now.  I have some upper panels I am working on but have to take it slow especially with the heat.  Doctor says incisions don't heal well all sweaty. :)
See you soon.


  1. I have an antiques booth, but not that large! It is huge. It must be killing you to be side lined, when you have so much to do and want to do, I can't wait to see it finished!


  2. What a sweet husband! I'm sure having to rest is making you crazy----you'll be up and about soon.

    Can't wait to see our your shop looks when it's done! Good luck.

  3. You go, girl! Yeah for the Mr. as well - what a guy! Show us more when you can, k?