Red, White & Blue

Let's hear it for the Red, White and Blue !!!
It is time for the patriotic holidays..yes we had Memorial is Flag day on the 14th of June then we follow with the fourth of July and end with Labor Day.  So, it is awesome to put up the patriotic decor and know that it can stay up all summer. 
Time for pictures, garland, some TEXAS, stars and flags.

Being a military family all of this holds great meaning and pride to us. 
Our daddy comes home on the 18th and we couldn't be prouder of him. 
Hurry home but be safe while getting here.
What do you do to show your love and pride for your country?


  1. Your little garland is so cute! I really like all your flag decor.

    I have some little flags that I stick in my planters outside, and that's about it. But I ALWAYS stand up for the flag, and I ALWAYS put my hand over my heart, and I ALWAYS sing when the national anthem is played. It drives me nuts when people show such a lack of respect that they can't even be bothered to stand up during a parade.

    OK. I'm off my soapbox now. Your display really does look lovely.

  2. Will pray for a safe return...You must be very very proud.

    I have been an American Red Cross volunteer helping at Walter Reed Hospital- where the wounded soldiers come in...It was a privilege to assist those who were wounded go to events, and help with a holiday party...

    I also donated over hundred soaps, as part of goodie bags that were handed out in Hawaii for the returning soldiers and their families...AND am planning on donating soaps to Afghanistan in July...

    I couldn't thank the service people enough for all they have and are doing for this country...

  3. We fly flags in front of our home and all our "old girls (rentals)" for every patriotic holiday. And, our hearts are full of appreciation for our troops EVERY day. We are honored by their service. So glad you will see your husband soon.

    BTW, I see you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't take Texas out of the girl. ;)

  4. I love this mantle! It all looks so festive. We're a military family too. Very proud indeed!


  5. I love your decorations, Tammy. I keep some patriotic decor out all year, especially in my dining room. It's a color scheme that I love and I also love America and all the things that these special colors stand for. I am so thankful for everyone in the military that serves this country. They deserve our thanks and prayers on a daily basis!

  6. Love your beach vignette and all the framed pieces on your mantel are fabulous! Best wishes to your and yours, Tammy

  7. Everything is so pretty. I'm sure you are a very proud family !
    Thanks for dropping by today.
    Love the new look !