Here comes the bride.

Can you tell  she has been watching too many bridal shows.  She is in love with the show where the ladies pick out their dresses.  Here  she is daddy- get ready to cry.

What a cute kid.  Guess I better start saving up money for her wedding now.  I mean if she is already getting into the thrill of it I can only imagine how much her dress will cost in about 20 years. 

Have you noticed the changes on my blog?  Well a while back when Nester was doing all the giveaways I won a blog make-over from Jennifer at Simply Delightful Designs
Now, I am not the best in technology - in fact I like to say I am technologically challenged.  But she has been so patient and has worked with all my changes and novice questions. 
There are still a few things that need to be tweaked but doesn't it look great?

I just wanted clean, tailored, classy and non-cluttered.  And she hit it right on.  I love my new button- I have never had a button- so please take it.

Well back to getting the studio cleaned up so I can make the deadline for
Where Bloggers Create II at My Desert Cottage on June 19th

So see you around..- now back to work for me.


  1. You daughter looks like an angel Tammy - I like your blog look too!

  2. Your daughter is just way too cute. I have to admit that I watch that show (Say Yes to the Dress) because I find it fun to see all those pretty dresses but also shake when I hear some of those prices too.

  3. Blog change is nice ~ and your daughter is sooo adorable!

  4. Your blog is looking great. And your daughter is such a cutie! Best wishes to you as you clean and create. Happy Hump Day! :) Tammy

  5. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful little bride. I love Say Yes to the Dress. I am absolutely addicted to it. I also cannot pass a Wedding Dress store without going inside.

  6. Before you know it those twenty years will have flown past!!

    Your blog looks great!