You go Girl !!!

Well she went ahead and did it. She grew up today dang her.
She went and graduated from pre-school so she could be a full fledged kindergartner.
Why must they grow up so fast?
The school did some fun songs before handing out the diplomas. They did the frog song- isn't she the cutest frog you ever did see?

Then they sang Making Melodies in My heart where they had to :

thumbs up, elbows back, legs apart, knees in, chest out, head back, tongue out. That is what she is doing.

Last but not least - time for the diploma. You know the magic piece of paper that proves you are grown up. Now on to kindergarten you go little girl. Enjoy the ride but take it slow as it goes so fast dear daughter. Don't grow up too fast okay?

love you lots Sophie..


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  1. Awwww, how precious she is! It does fly by tho...sniffle sniffle:(

  2. So cute!!! I am so sorry that I missed it! I would have much rather been there than at work. Tell Soph she makes a very cute frog! :)

  3. What a sweetie! Love the photo's... and don't grow up too fast, little girl!

  4. How adorable! Make the most of every little girl will be a senior in college next year. Feels like yesterday that she just got on the kindergarten bus with her apple name tag!