Trash to Treasure- literally

This week Donna has the emphasis on JUNK.
Yes that lovely word.
The stuff you find on the curb or in the trash pile of neighbors.
The stuff you either proudly take away with a smile on your face, not caring that it came from someones trash OR the stuff you sneak away from the curb afraid that some of your friends might see you.
It doesn't matter how you go about getting it - you just KNOW you have to have it as their is a treasure lurking that no one else can see.
We all do it.
It just takes a great person to admit it.
So, here is my trash to treasure.
I was driving my daughter home from preschool and noticed a huge pile in front of my friend Kathy's house. They had a yard sale that Saturday with a neighbor and I figured hey see if anything is cool in there. I noticed a large framed mirror that the mirror was broken..but alas the frame was plastic but as I was putting it back ... this beauty caught my eye.

Yes, a mere metal shopping cart on wheels. Now my lovely town of Cameron throws Cameron day in May and October and we use these there. I have also used them in Canton and I thought -
Who in their right mind could throw this beauty away?
Who indeed.
So, I took her home and made her the belle of the ball.

Here she is in all her splendor.
I cleaned her up a bit and then made her a new ball gown. I made it out of linen and then did ruffles - cause well can't be a gown without ruffles. I added the required corsage to the front and I love her.

Moral to the story- don't be afraid to pick through a pile of trash - you just might find the prom queen.

Even if it is your friends trash :)

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  1. Now, that is CUTE! The ruffles just take it all up a notch, and the corsage is adorable.

  2. Tammy... loved your post... I would be a sneaker. :) Great find... she is definitely ready for the ball!!

    So question... how do you keep your white porch clean? Mainly the floor?

    Kendra @ Creative Ambitions

  3. What a great curbside treasure...I hope I see her at NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS!


  4. What a cutie she turned out to be! Great find. :) And I agree with Suzanne... lookit those ruffles!

    Thanks for linking up your 'pretty junk' to SNS! :)

    FJ Donna

  5. I love this, how fun.

  6. What a great find!! Love how you dressed her up! And the corsage is too cute!!

  7. Love what you did with her! Funny how objects take a gender once you're done dressing them up, isn't it? Now she looks stylish and chic, you clever woman.

  8. I LOVE it!! It reminds me of my grandma! I would stay with her at her apartment in St. Louis and we would take the "cart" to the store walking along cobblestone streets on the sidewalk! I like how you are using it, too!

  9. Seriously I am needing to make a liner for my cart this week. I am taking it to Farm Chicks in Spokane. Thanks for inspiration.

  10. She certainly is the Belle! Darling with all her glory. Perfect!
    smiles, alice

  11. That has to be the cutest shopping cart I have ever seen. What a great way to recycle an item headed to the landfill, she is indeed, the belle of the ball!

    I've used carts for years at Farmer's Markets, craft shows and anywhere else I don't want to haul stuff around for hours and hours. Don't really understand why you don't see more of them.

  12. Love the ruffles, it takes a great eye to spot that kind of beauty out of a metal cart!

    Found you via Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays, glad to be a new follower!

    -Ann Marie