Cameron- May 2010

Well we survived. The day was beautiful and shoppers were a plenty.
We started out with a full booth- it overflowed out front of the tent. It was amazing as I didn't have much in the way of large furniture (remember hubby is in Afghanistan and he is the grunt labor ). We had a great deal of smalls. My sister had a good deal of her art and craft creations to add to the mix.
Here is a shot of the whole space all decked out. We do go a bit overboard in the whole decor aspect of it. But it is not only the items we sell but the feeling the space gives you too.


Here is a close up of our cash wrap center. It is an old buffet. It had fold down sides but I tore those off and then did a paint job and added a chalk board to the front. I am going to change out the chalkboard to a magnet board though- I think. 

Here is a dining room table that used to sit on our back porch until I found a farm table to take its sold rather quickly. 

Below we have the bench we decoupaged with dictionary pages along with the decoupaged rocker. They didn't sell this time- guess it is hit or miss. But I love them. You will notice my sisters Americana painting- great talent there. 

Here is a good shot of the Martha pompoms my friend Liz made for the booth. Aren't they just so much fun?
There is the dresser I stole from hubby to paint and sell and more of my sister's paintings.

Here is a good shot of Liz's banners - she made them while she was here- yeah they left quickly.

More of my sister's paintings. 

There is the infamous-but -wont-sell Nest chair. Also look on the table and see the cool decoupaged egg my sister made that is in a large nest on a spring- I ADORE it. 

I love the little piano stool with it's girlie slip.

Lots of small to make. 

Here is my Miss Mustard Seed inspired table. I used sheet music on the top and it was a fun thing to do. 

The small white cabinet there did not sell in the fall with its former maple color- so break out the white paint and it sold very quickly... gotta say white paint makes all the difference. 

Those lovely dollar tree votive birds were a hit just like in the fall. Now I need them to get more of them. dang it. 

The glass pedestals were a huge hit. I even got someone interested in them for her table decorations for her upcoming wedding.

This is one of two shopping carts that I made liners for - they didn't sell boo hoo. I know the Canton, Texas crowd would have snatched them up in a heart beat.

Below is my bench and my teacups/bowl bird feeders. Those sold so quickly. Also, that basket was full of distressed white frames that flew out of the booth so quickly..

Here is cart number two. 

Here is the gang. My sister - the artist- Trisha is on the steps with my daughter Sophie. Our friend Jenn - the jeweler and her hubby. My friend Liz was shopping - she got some awesome deals down the road.

Here is the booth at closing. The white dresser sold as we were tearing down..all in all - the big stuff was gone and most of the smalls were too. A few chairs remained and some glass.

It was a good only 152 days till the next show.

I'll post some other booths that I visited tomorrow..enjoy.


  1. i loved shopping the cameron antique's fair. 2 of my favorite days of the year! Your stuff was one of my fav stops!

  2. Tammy where is the Cameron antique fair? You are right about the cart selling at First Monday, I was there yesterday and there were so many different kinds of decorations on those carts. Lots of good stuff there too!

  3. Tammy! OMGoodness it looks like a magazine spread! You did amazing ~ everything looks sooooooo perfect. Darn I would have bought the cart with the lovely lining you put in it :)

    Get some rest!

  4. Wow. Great set up. I'm now really ticked that my babysitter couldnt make it. I love the pic of the bowl/cup birdbaths.. have anymore? ;)

  5. Yeah, those cart liners would have sold like hot cakes in Canton! LOL! We hunted forever for the "perfect" liners for our carts. I miss going now that Amanda has moved away... poor little carts are wasting away in the basement. Ya'll did a bang up job on your booth!

  6. WOW!!!Everything looks amazing, thanks for sharing.

  7. Everything looked wonderful, Tammy! You had some really lovely treasures for shoppers.

    And how fun it was to meet you in person at the show! Now you're not just a "virtual" friend. LOL

    You're also entered in my giveaway. You can click the link in my sidebar for the details on how to get extra entries.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage