Cameron Day May 2010 vendors

Well I have promised a tour of some of the booths at Cameron Day Spring 2010 and here they are.
It was a great day for sure and though I did not get to all the booths here is a smattering of some of them. Running a booth takes a lot of time and sort of tends to leave you no time to shop....booo.
First off lets show you two of my fave houses in town. This first one is my friend Dawn's. She has two vendors who are so much fun each year. And I hear from her hubby that they hope to have a booth of their own this fall- he is an amazing carpenter and builds the best looking farm tables out of old lumber.
Next is Miss Belles Tea Room. It is owned by my sisters neighbor Miss Isabelle. It no longer holds a tea room and is empty but man would I love to have this house- look at those railings.

This has to be one of the coolest items that was made from parts that I saw..what a wonderful potting table don't' you think?

Now on with the booths..Here is Liz's from the Brambleberry Cottage we got to meet at this show and she is a genuinely nice lady and had some wonderful items.

This is my fave booth- we call it the barn lady's booth - well because she is near the barn. She always has the coolest stuff. I did manage to buy some items from her- heck she gets me every time

here's more of her stuff:

Here is the booth beside hers..she sells lots of stuff..see those tables.

This is an antique linen booth - wow to spend hours thinking of what to make. 

Loving this plow - I mean really loving it. 

This is Betty and Bob's booth. They have had this space at my sisters house for years..they are such a great couple and always have new treasures each time they come..The guy in the hat is from across the street. 

This is the "hat" guys booth. He also sets up at the NC fairgrounds and he has very nice items. A bit out of my price range but nice all the same. He is the one that had the potting table above.

Here is the other vendor Dawn has- I love his stuff. I bought my whole box of china from him last year and made it all into my bird feeders/baths that sold out this show. Dang he didn't have another box to sell me. 

If you need azaleas or rhododendrons they have those too. Aren't these just beautiful?

Well that is all I got this year. I hope to do much better in the fall. And get pics of food vendors and such..enjoy and maybe you can join us October 2nd in Cameron, NC for the next show.
Tattered & Timeless will be up and selling again.


  1. Oh how I would LOVE to be there with my truck!!!! Those houses look absolutely charming - you are lucky to live in such a beautiful place! Thanks for the tour...

  2. wow.... Cameron NC... I"m in NC... got to find out where that is! That looks like a wonderful time!

  3. Wonderful pictures full of treasures...thank you so much for sharing!!

  4. Beautiful homes! It would've been fun to go check out Cameron Day (I've never been), but we're in Hawaii right now. Can't say I'd trade, but it still looks like fun. I hope you did well with your booth!

  5. Tammy, nice job on the Cameron representation! Might entice others to hit the Fall one...oh, more competition for you :) Love ya!

  6. Hi Tammy. Glad I found your site today. Your market set-up is just beautiful! We have recently moved to CO and I can't find any good ol' southern markets like you have pictured to sell at! very frustrating! Anyway, love your stuff! -diane