A giveaway is a coming.

Oh my goodness.
I have been so busy with end of school for the little princess, her recital, my show the beginning of May, my best friends visit and the rest of the kids that it just went right on by.
What you ask?
Yes, my 1 year anniversary blogging
Yes, my 200th post.
Yes, over 200 followers.
How did I miss all that?
I'll tell you how. I am a mom that is way to busy right now.
But I will be working on a giveaway to post here on Friday (or sooner if I can).
So, please keep checking in - I'm working on it
And most importantly, THANKS.
Thanks for commenting and reading my blog.
Thanks for checking my new posts.
And thanks for being my friends.
Now excuse me - I have some gifts to find.


  1. Hi Tammy...I think it is when we are the busiest that we have the most to offer!

  2. Fun! I'll be checking back often...

  3. Yay for you!!!!
    I am following so I don't miss a thing.
    Thanks for the Michael's marker tip!
    I was looking on ebay for some.