Tap those toes...

Do you have music in your feet? Then you'd love to have this little foot stool. It was just your customary brown with an ugly fabric top. Sorry for not taking a before shot- I just was going crazy with the sander and paint. If it wasn't tied down I was hitting it with the sander and slapping primer on it.
I just did my fave of white paint with some sanding to distress it. Then added new musical note fabric and some fun trim to the edge. Voila- here she is for her musical debut.



  1. OK, are you talking about Cameron, NC?

    The Yankee and I will be doing that show as well. I would love to meet you in person. You can send an e-mail with where you'll be set up...if you like, and I can come by and say hi! ;)

    By the way, thanks for visiting the cottage and commenting about the flea market.

    You may want to stop back by and enter my giveaway.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  2. I like the black music material on the foot stool. If all else fails, paint it black or white and distress.
    Looks great!

  3. Hurry! I cant wait and see Cameron Day pics! :D

  4. hurry i cant wait to see Cameron Day pics! :D