Off to shop

I did not really accomplish much Sunday or today for that fact. I have been hit by what we call the Spring Pollen Killer. Yes I feel as if my head is about to explode and that it is so heavy I can barely lift it.
I took today off- well not altogether. I did hit the Salvation Army store at 9am after dropping the princess off at school - they would worry if they didn't see me on Monday mornings and I can't upset those nice older ladies. :) I found some little things and came home and glued them together. Printed out some more price tags for Cameron items. I can not believe I have 76 items done, priced and ready to go.
Then I got some hot tea, some soup and snuggled down on the sofa and watched a Nora Roberts made for Lifetime movie- don't judge.
Tomorrow is the last chance I have for 3 weeks to head out without all 3 kids in tow so the princess and I are going to skip pre-school and hit the town for necessary shopping.
Yes, we will hit Hobby Lobby- need knobs- 50% off.
Hit Joann's for foam for seat cushions.
Hit Sam's to return some jeans.
Hit Target for her some necessary flip flops. Seems it is warm enough to wear them and she hasn't a pair to highlight her new painted toes. What is a 5 year old princess to do but hit up the Target for some shoes.
See ya later on.


  1. Hello Tammy! Love your blog, your header is just beautiful! Ahh, a princess, wonderful! I am new to blogging, I am happy I droppped in.

    Nancy's Notes

  2. sounds like a fun day! My princess came home from a sleepover with a friend with alternating hot pink and silver toe nails. It is definitely spring weather here now - my kids were out playing in the sprinklers (we're on spring break this week)

  3. Love Nora Jones! yes she deserve those fippys! ~lulu

  4. I hope that you're feeling better today! I hate being all stopped up with sinus trouble. NO fun!

    Blessings, Grace

  5. Ahha! Thats where you are :D Happy Shoppin!

  6. just stopping by to say hello!

    i think i have some major "porch envy" seeing your porch below. i love porches. those spring flowers & that sunshine shining in your yard - beautiful!

    i'm so excited that you will be participating in the spring fling! thank you so much for posting the button! i appreciate it so!

    have a beautiful day.