Can you have too many birds?

Well back to work. Had to take a couple days off as we have been handling some personal issues that plain scared the heck out of me. But thanks to a wonderful counselor and future appointments it is looking much better.
Now that I had some time I figured it was time to paint some birds. I had bought about 8 of these bird votives back in the fall to sell and painted some white, some blue and some black. The white and blue ones sold very fast so afterwards I went and bought all the rest from the dollar tree.
I am painting them white with glaze, heirloom white with some glaze and then robins egg blue with glaze.
Here's the white bunch pre-glaze.
Here is are some other birds that I painted blue and then found these cool barn wood frames to paint also.
The birds have holes in the bottom screaming to become tassels but I am a bit scared as to how to attach a loop to the top- drilling would break them. 

Here are the blue bird votives and a couple of candle sticks.

   The whole mess of a room..

Now back to work for much to do and so little time.
And how does a person get all this done with two soccer games, a basket ball game and 4 kids?
With lots of stress that is how.


  1. Mom strength! You can do it! Love the color..Cute little birds! ~lulu

  2. So sorry your dealing with stressful stuff Tammy :( 'Specially with your hubby away....

    A bit of crafting always lifts the spirits though, eh? And no, you can't ever have enough birds, IMO. I need to take a trip to the dollar store to see what birdie stuff they've got this week :)

    peace, cindy

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  4. You are a supermom! I'm glad that the family issue is looking better, very glad. Life can be stressful at times, and you've got a lot on your plate.

    You handle everything beautifully. The birds, frames, candle holders. WOW... You are tremendously creative!

  5. No, of course you can never have too many birds! What a silly question. :)
    Love ya sis.

  6. Sweet bluebirds. Have fun crafting! A craft a day keeps the blue away. Many blessings for a bright and beautiful week. :) Tammy