A little spring in our step

Today my daughter Sophie and I decided to take a walk with our cameras. We were in search of spring because gosh darn it we are sick of winter. Enough already with the snow forecasts. We found many Camilla shrubs in bloom so we captured as many of those as we could.

Enjoy and may spring get here quickly. Please :)

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  1. I can't for spring either! Great pics! ~lulu

  2. Lovely mosaic. The flowers are gorgeous! Good luck getting all your projects done. I haven't felt very crafty or creative of late but need to get my butt in gear, too. Not that I have anything to prepare for. I just feel like I need to create a little something every day. Have a beautiful week. :) Tammy

  3. Pretty... I have a camelia bush on the end of my house (the end I rarely see). I think I'll go out and see if mine is blooming. :o)