Taking an organizing and cleaning break

Well everyone cleaning has finally caught up with me and I lost the battle. I have a few major jobs to do this week - like organize my kids rooms so we can see the floor again. And clean the downstairs after all that painting and paint one more room. So, I am going on a bloggy break this week to get it all done and get back on the realm of starting to create instead of trying to find the floor in every room. I can't even get to my craft room as the little princess has made a huge mess in there..yikes.
So, until next Monday - have a great week everyone. I will still take peeks at the blogs just not participate in any events..
See ya soon.


  1. i made this exact same post a week ago... cleaned my behind off.. and now staring at a messy house again. oh well- we try right?

  2. Don't blame you. We all need breaks to catch up. There is just not enough time in the day..~lulu

  3. I soooo NEED to do this... I am in a HOT MESS with all this furniture movin'...

  4. first, happy b-day to jon-jon.

    secondly...i was on the organized cleaning thing today. hope it goes into tomorrow because when the weather's nice i don't want to be cleaning then!! lol.