What does 2 kids plus way too many skittles =

Why it equals kids ready for the rock bands of the 80's of course.
These two sure do love to rock it out. But the funny thing was there was no music on. I can only imagine what was playing in their little heads.

I've taken the challenge out there in blogland on recording a photo every day for a year.
I got a new camera so figured it would help me use it and hopefully get better.
Check it out if you'd like.


  1. Oh Tammy sweetie...
    How cute is this. I love both of their little faces, and look at the little horns they have shaped with their fingers. L-O-V-E, love it.

    Thanks for sharing, it sure has made me chuckle for the evening.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  2. LOL!

    How cute are they? :)
    I love when kiddos jam out.

    Did you get them to bed okay?


  3. I love that camera. I have one too, there great! The possiblities are endless. Watch the video it really helps. lulu

  4. We could take lessons from them in thriving! LOL! Joyful! I love it. Look forward to your daily photos!!

  5. Ha ha! I've seen this look at my house before!

  6. What a great idea (second blog)! The pictures are adorable and the kiddies - too cute. Love the picture and I bet they loved the skittles!