We have a winner

Well we have a winner. I read somewhere that the random generators do not pick the first or last person. Not sure if it is true but I didn't want to chance that so I cut out all the posts and folded them.
 I then put them in a bowl.

Had my handsome teenager Jon draw a name out. Can't you see how excited he is. I didn't have to make him do it at all - yeah right. 

And he says the winner is....
  Yeah I am either too old or too blind or probably both but I can not see that can you?
Here is a close up for those of us who wear glasses :)
Look-ee it is Cindy from Cottage Instincts.

Cindy I need you to email me your address so I can send the Winter banner on out to you. I am sure it is still winter where you are just like it is here. Brrrr
Thanks everyone for joining in ..we'll have to do this again soon.


  1. very cute post, Tammy! Your son, Jon, did a wonderful job! Cindy is a lucky woman! Congrats to her!

  2. Oooooooo, Hurray!!!! I'm totally stoked! I'll email ya...

    Thank ya thank ya...happy start to my Saturday in this frigid weather!

  3. LOL..Lucky..Shucks maybe next time..lulu Congrats!