THRIVE check in time

Last Thursday of the month means THRIVE Thursday. It is time to check in and report on how my plan to THRIVE worked out this last month.
I'd have to say it went well. Not great but well is good isn't it?
It is hard to find time for me when the hubby is gone to Afghanistan but I am getting better at it.
My goals were to play more with kids - which is working out well. We have game night on Tuesday nights and let me tell you we need to get a new game because I am getting tired of getting my butt whooped on Sorry Sliders. But it is fun to see them laugh and play and enjoy. We have gone to parks when it was warmer. I really am enjoying the time with them.
I have let the house go a bit so I can play more with them and I am getting better at it not bothering my OCD :) well not too much.
I am eating better- or rather not snacking all the time. Haven't gotten out to walk much as it is so cold and I have been busy painting rooms. So, am going up and down the ladder- does that count as a StairMaster kinda deal?
I am working hard on letting go of things I can't control that bother me. Too let go of that stress that I can not control It should be significantly better this next month as the nasty b****y neighbor is moving and taking her mean kids with her. We certainly won't miss that drama believe me.
So, for February my goals are:
to continue to eat better,
Try to do some activity: be it gardening, walking or whatever.
Find things everyday that make me smile- preferably the small things that usually go unnoticed
And hug and kiss on the kids as they grow so fast.
how did everyone else do?
Thrive on friends.


  1. Tammy, you are so inspiring to me! I cannot imagine how tough it is to run a household with young children while having the concern of your husband in afghanistan. Amazing!! I love that you are finding more time to enjoy your babies; and my gosh, when I look at all the projects you are doing, I feel like a total slacker!! Hats off and standing ovation for your accomplishments! Thriving is a state of mind! Yea, Tammy!

  2. You sound like you're doing great! I will take a page from your book and try to get more on the ball with the self improvement thing :)

  3. You are doing great, even with all the stress from next door. I know the kids love game night.