thrift to cool ...

Well today is trash to treasure at Reinvented. I bought this girls size 12 turtleneck for $1.00 at the thrift shop. Now, I know my daughter is only a size 4 but I had a plan.
I cut off the bottom portion and made her a nice fun little skirt with that ruffle as the bottom. Then I had the top left..hmm what to do? Well I cut the sleeves off and then made the top thinner by sewing it up on each size about 2 inches. I then cut the sleeve tops off a bit to make them shorter than reattached them. So, we had a Brittney Spears short top- not the look I want on my daughter - she has a great little tummy but not for the world to see. I then took some fabric and attached a long skirt to it. So, from this:
to this: I think it turned out quite cute. What do you think? She insisted on wearing it to school today even though I told her it was a bit warm. She loves it. 


  1. Love this! You are so creative!

  2. Too cute! LOVE it.
    If I ever have a litte girl...
    You're coming to my house for a month and creating!
    Another fabulous project from you!

  3. That is adorable. Some day I want to sew like that. Thanks for linking up!

  4. It's hard to look past that adorable face to check out the dress,but then I find that it is adorable too! How creative is THAT???? Great job!


  5. Wow Tammy, that turned out really cute!! Sophie looks like she really loves it.

  6. So cute!! Isn't it so much fun to make clothes for our girls? This was such a thrifty idea, too!

  7. You should design childerns clothes for a living..soo cute..lulu

  8. What a cutie pie - great job !

  9. AWESOME! I love that you were able to make two different things with the turtleneck. She looks quite pleased as well. Great work and thank you for linking this up!