It's getting there.

As I have told you before- I am working on my sister's living room decor. It is fun to take notes from her on her likes and then try to come up with a room idea. It is nice that she is so laid back and easy about it , saying- "whatever you do I will love as I love what you do". She likes or rather loves the beach and loves the color red. She has two lovable - but hairy dogs. She loved my big robins egg blue cabinet when it was sitting in my living room against my cup of cocoa Behr paint with a creamy distressed chair by it. And she said that color combo is great and it is a bit beachy. Her hallway is almost a shade of robins egg blue- she mixed a bunch of mistints together and came up with it. The one thing we had to work with is her sofa. It is my hand me down sofa- I love that sofa but back to her- it is floral- ick but I had bought a chocolate brown fitted slipcover for it.
What we have:
a chocolate slipcovered sofa
a dark brown antique trunk
a robins egg blue end table
a yellowish bookcase
a fireplace mantel that needs to be painted
a new creamy dreamy chair with chenille cushions
a soon to be upholstered in cream with tan polka dots chair
a cream distressed end table
a sisal braided rug
What we need:
to paint the yellowish bookcase
paint the fireplace mantel a red color
I need to take some pictures of the room but didn't take the right lens.
Here are the current additions to the room: her chair, a pillow with the front designed on Wordle and then ironed on ,

a lamp from jc penny with a bird base. I added pompom fringe - well because everything looks like more fun with pompoms. I also painted the base as it was a yellowy color..not sure if we should glaze it or not. And there is her distressed table and a cool red tray I found and added her Wordle to the top.

So, plan - tan walls, white trim, red fireplace, white built in bookcases later, robins egg blue entertainment center when we find one or just might try building one :)

Will get pictures of her house soon.

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  1. Sounds just wonderful. I can't wait to see it all. Love the pretty lamp, chair and the tray. Gorgeous so far. Hugs, Marty

  2. Sounds great and I love the color choices ...the chair is fab and I adore that lamp !

  3. Thats look amazing. Great Pic. Thanks for the pictures and loving the direction you are going. lulu

  4. OOH, cannot wait to see a red fireplace! How daring!

  5. Wooo girl! Loving what I see now, and the color combo will be awesome!

  6. Hi friend...visiting ur sweet blog...add me in ur blogroll ok...i have a super cute blog too,alywas with great posts talkin about the life,love and God.Big Hug!!

  7. It's always so fun to "play" with someone else's home! (Can be a bit nerve-wracking, too.) You're going to do an amazing job!

    ps- I LOVE your burlap light shade up on your header!