A question?

I have a question.
When I started out my blog it was named For the Love of older homes and the journey they entail, because I was writing primarily about our 1929 foursquare. Since then I still write about her at times but seem to be centered more on crafts and furniture transformations thus the name change.
I still love my older home and want to blog about her but feel that it gets all chaotic with all of it on this one blog. Does it make more sense to have a separate blog dedicated to the house and its aspects and leave this one for more project oriented?
what are your thoughts?


  1. Tammy-
    I agree with Zuzu. I like a little bit of everything, and I find that those are the blogs I'm attracted too.
    I'm just a hotmess of scrambled, jumbled things!
    I love your blog, so if you do decide to start another one, I'll follow that one too.

  2. Love all of your posts and I would probably just leave it all in one blog. Seems that most bloggers talk about their homes and their crafts. It's all fun. Hugs, Marty

  3. T~ I agree with ZuZu, Amy and beachbrights..
    one blog to cover whatever mood..
    that way,we get to know what's on your mind on any particular day..
    but if you decide to start another one..
    I'll just follow you there also..
    whatever your decision, we love your blog..
    singular or plural!!!
    hugs and smiles..

  4. It is fine to combine it all into one blog. I tried to maintain two different blogs for a while and found it to be like parenting worrying that I wasn't spending enough time with one or the other.

  5. Hi There..

    I'm finally back to blogging. I wanted to pop in and say hello---
    I hope you are having a wonderful new year.
    I say stick to one blog...PS ..loved the skirt redo!!!

  6. I'm glad you asked this question,
    Tammy. I'd been wondering the same thing. I started out with two blogs... one about my love for old houses and one that was more personal... then, I just didn't seem to keep them both going, but I still wondered if that would have been a better thing to do. =/