Furniture Projects recap for 2009

Miss Mustard Seed is hosting her weekly Furniture Feature Friday.
I finally embraced a dream I have had for many years this year. 2009 was finally my year that I could venture into refinishing furniture to sell. My oldest left for college and my youngest was in 5 day a week pre-k so I was ready time wise.
I did my first show in October- and well LOVED it. This is my booth full of furniture that I redid. I hated to sell some of it but hey my house is only so big. 
I really fell in love with this robin's egg blue this summer and this was my fave piece to paint. It was brown but the blue paint covered it just enough to let the brown peek out. This piece did not sell and I was a bit upset but these things work out for a reason I figure. It now resides in my studio and holds all my good for me. 

This was my all time fave of the show and secretly I hoped it would not sell. It was stained a walnut color when I got it but I just whipped out my fave blue and it was LOVE. It now resides in my oldest sons/ guest room.
Sidenote: The chair beside it - well I painted it white and recovered the seat in chenille - but my sister painted the awesome birds nest..she is the real talent of this team.

This pathetic chair had so many layers of paint on it..I sanded and sanded but it just would not let me win. So, I figured it only cost me $1 so what could I do? Hmm decoupage it. And I did with dictionary pages and then stenciled the word SEAT on the seat. It was the first piece to sell. We set it back and I had 11 other people ask me if they could buy it..guess I'll do more for spring.

Another chair- before:


A footstool before: (well actually after a primer coat oops)

And after: It sold right after the SEAT chair.

This chair my son calls the KING chair..before:

The King after:

That's all the projects from 2009. Now stop the rain and bring on 2010 so I can get at it again.


  1. You (and your sister) are sooo talented! I love robin's egg blue as well. The dresser with the mirror is a stunning piece. I also like your playfulness with the "seat" chair and "feet" foot stool. I can't wait to see what you have to share in 2010!

  2. Back to drool some more and love the chairs and robin egg blue hutch--ooh lala. Where did you get that ornament?

  3. If you do a footstool for me, I'll do a chair for you! Seriously. I can't pick my favorite of your stuff. I would scoop up that dresser in a second!

  4. Tammy I still love that chair that says, "seat". Did it sell at Cameron Day?

  5. How absolutely cool is that chair you decoupaged! No wonder there was so much interest - it's darling! That's a great idea...I might have to do a chair myself! Thank you so much for sharing this:)