Classmate gifts

Well in a previous post I asked what do you get when you combine the following?
Mod Podge ...
Composition Notebooks...

A pile of Christmas scrapbook paper ... 

Many boxes of 24 count crayola boxes....

Why you get classmate presents that's what.

We covered the composition books with wonderful paper then added tags with their names stamped on it. We then covered the crayola boxes with paper to coordinate and made a smaller tag with their names on it. Now they all have something to either draw in or write in.
I think they turned out well - although doing 31 of them was a bit overwhelming. Hope Jack's class of 1st graders likes them and hope Sophie's pre-k class likes them. 

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  1. Cute post, Tammy! It was always a pain and a pleasure to get the classmates gifts together! I loved you idea to jazz up the gifts! They look great!


  2. These are adorable! What a fun classmate gift! Great job :)

  3. super cute cute cute idea! thanks for sharing!

  4. Great gift idea - love kid gifts that breed creativity!

  5. So cool and a great gift idea! Thanks for adding your creativity to the DIY holiday party!


  6. What a wonderful classmate gift idea! Thanks for sharing!


  7. very cute -- we aren't able to do gifts or gift bags for the classmates at my girls' preschool and it just pains me -- i want to be creative and give give give but we can't! not sure why. guess i'll have to be giving to the neighborhood kids instead. this is a great idea!

  8. That's the best idea! So cute and creative. Happy Holidays! ~Lisa

  9. You are the WOMAN--can I just say how thankful I am to home school-
    with everything else and you make a gift for each class member.


  10. How sweet! Much better than candy or cookies, I think :)

  11. Your blog is just CHARMING! Love your photography which is already great even before your new camera. I'm looking forward to spending more time here looking through older posts. Keep up the inspiring work. I've got to make some of these covered composition books.

  12. Great idea! This would be great to re-post in late August/September as it's time to get ready for back to school and the kids are looking for a way to jazz up their books.

    - The Tablescaper