Hooked on Houses Fall Tour 2009

Today Julia from Hooked on Houses is hosting the Hooked on Houses Fall Tour. Be sure to go over there after my tour and look at lots of Home Tours.

Sophie is here to welcome you to our house and to be your guide.
Welcome all. I'm Sophie Elizabeth and these are my Fall overalls. I just got back from my preschool pumpkin patch trip.
Do you like my pumpkin? Well let me put it down and I'll show you around.

This is my house. It is big, but I have 3 older brothers so we need the room. It has a big front yard and a back yard. It really needs a puppy but mom says not now. Gotta work on that.

Lets go through the gate. It is okay come on in.

Okay let me tell you my mom loves Halloween. She thrills in trying to scare all the neighborhood children. Here our a ring of childish ghosts dancing in the graveyard. It used to scare me but I am 4 now so I am not scared of them. 
Next is another graveyard. Yeah the skeleton plays soccer at night. :) This is where the fogger goes on Halloween night to scare the children. Woooo Ooooo
  Here is our big head skull. It blinks red in his eyes. Well we hope it does since my brother and I keep turning it on gosh knows if the battery still works. ooops
Okay lets go on up the stairs. Be careful. 
Look there are hands rising out of the dirt in the wagon. Are you scared yet? I'm not. Remember I am 4.

Here we have a large spider who spun this gigantic web. 

  Here is the lady of the porch. She is dressed in white but she isn't very pretty.
This is the man of the porch. He is very ugly - do you notice he doesn't have a nose. When he is turned on he talks to you when you get close. Okay I am 4 but this guy scares me that is why he is turned off. 
 Lets go on inside. Hello anyone home?

Here is the wreath on the inside..My mommy made it and she loves it.

Here is mommy's friend Josephine. She ordered her because she says she needs someone to talk to that listens. Hmmmph

Here we are in our dining room. Here is the light. Mom put leaves all over it.

Here are our outside tower of pumpkins. Since it is Halloween mom uses it in the house backwards. But when Halloween is over we put it outside. It has our house numbers carved in it and it lights up.. Very cool. 
This is our hutch - mom bought it at the Prissy Hen. Isn't that a silly name for a store? I like them they always give me a free candy lipstick when we go there. 
These are cones mom got from the Home Goods store- it is her favorite place to go. Not mine they don't have enough toys.

More Halloween stuff near the fireplace. 

Here is the fireplace with all her stuff. Boy she sure has a lot of Halloween but remember I told you she LOVES it. It is only second to Christmas..and man when she gets that stuff out we have no where to walk. 

Look at this cute pumpkin with his tag. spooky huh? Mom sure likes white pumpkins. I thought they were supposed to be orange.

More stuff... 

I love the dolls. They are fun to play with carefully. 

Here is mom's typewriter. My brother and I bang on it at times. Mom says people used it before there were computers. weird huh? 

This is a cabinet that the paint is peeling on it. Mom says that makes it wonderful. 

Next we hit my favorite room - the kitchen. Yes I am small but I LOVE to eat. Actually I am hungry right now. I wonder if the pizza is in the oven yet. This is mom's wire thing - she calls it a cloche on a big old white bowl and more white pumpkins. I wonder why she doesn't like orange ones? 
Doesn't this look like a coat rack? But my crazy mom hangs pans on it..Strange.

This is a sign she found and said with 4 kids this just might hang year round. haha

Thanks for looking at my house. We will see each other again for the holiday one in December I am sure. And my mom goes crazy then.
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  1. Thank you for the tour Sophie! Your mom is a wonderful decorator :)

    Tammy you did a great job and I wouldn't walk up to your house if you paid me, because I'm a big ol' chicken LOL Your kitchen is looking so good!!!! Would you just hurry up and put those knobs on! ;)


  2. I think you should borrow my Queen of Halloween sign. It looks wonderful both inside and outside. Happy Halloween.

  3. Sophie,
    Thank you for a wonderful tour! Your picture was my favorite part! :) Your house looks beautiful and charming and a little bit spooky. What a fun place to live.

  4. Wow, you all are Halloween Crazy for sure! Thanks for the tour Sophie....and the visit to my blog from Mommy.

    Keep it Sweet,

  5. Such great Halloween decorations! Love them all. I'm really loving white pumpkins this year and yours are great. :D Jewel

  6. What a fabulous tour. YOur home is lovely and your halloween decorations are just wonderful. You really did go all out. Thank you Sophie for the tour. You are a doll. Hugs, Marty

  7. What fun! I love the dancing ghosts outside and all of the other decorations. It must have taken a long time to put all of that together.
    ♥, Susan

  8. You have a beautiful home inside and out. I love the white picket fence too and all the halloween decorations. Thanks for sharing them with us. Thanks for visiting and your comment. Have a beautiful weekend.

  9. Loved the tour by Sophie!!! What a beautiful place... love all the halloween decorations!

  10. WOW! Sophie, your mom does love Halloween, doesn't she?? I've never seen so many creative decorations. I'll bet your friends love to trick-or-treat at your house!

    Tammy, thank you so much for introducing yourself! You're in Sanford? That's not far from me at all! I LOVE your house. Our house is wonderful--we love the fact that we were able to buy a new house in an old neighborhood--but my first love is old houses. We used to live in a 1918 Dutch Colonial, and oh how I loved working on that house.

    Yours is stunning. I'm so glad to be here, and I'll be back!!

  11. Wow, Sophie, you're Mom really does go nuts over Halloween! You have the best house - very fun and pretty too! Thank you for the house tour, and tell your Mommy 'Hi' from me!


  12. Dear Sophie and Tammy- What a wonderful house all decorated for Halloween and fall! There are so many wonderful and lovely things in your home, Tammy.

  13. Your home is beautiful! Love the Halloween decor! Love your kitchen, too. I saw in your projects list on the right hand side of your blog that you were going to do subway tile backsplash, but decided on beadboard instead! I did the same thing! When I saw that you could get Plybead at Lowe's for 20 dollars a sheet, I knew I was going to do beadboard instead. I LOVE my beadboard backsplash, and the old farmhouse character it gives my new ranch house.

    Thanks for the tour of your lovely home! Have a fun Halloween! Beth. :)

  14. What a fun post! Love you home. Seems we have a similar taste in decorating. I'm a new follower. Thanks for stopping by my place :O)

  15. Your house is just so lovely! I enjoyed the tour very much.

  16. Tammy what a wonderful house tour from your daughter! I love all of your scaries! I was reading your other blog, your business one, and I love those trees that you made, can you share your secret, I dont live near you and dont do shows, so no competition from me, I just really like them! Thanks, Sue

  17. I have looked at 47 links so far and yours is the best. If you lived in my neighborhood, I would definately visit on trick or treat night. You are really into the spirit of the spooky fun season.

  18. What a cute tour guide you have! And the house looks fantastic, what a great decorator you are.


  19. Wow! Every year your house gets more elaborate and more fun. I hope ours can be inspired by this and grow. We have Bradys pre-school decorations to start with!

    Happy Halloween!


  20. Beautiful, your mom must spend a lot of time making your house as gorgeous and homey feeling as it is. I am new to her blog and was wondering if you could ask her what the name of the paint color is throughout the main part of the house (the wall behind where you are standing)? it is a beautiful neutral khaki color that I am looking for. Thanks and Happy Holidays! 4littlepilgrims