It's a blue day.

Well Robin's Egg Blue by Glidden paint that is.
I spent the day painting things for my booth in October with my fave new paint. My free sample of Robin's Egg Blue from Glidden. I love it so much that I got another gallon last week. You will notice the sad little child's rocker that was black with some horrible stickers on it. Well it just needed a couple coats of blue and some Ralph Lauren smoke glaze and it looks so much happier.

I also purchased this large armoire from an auction and it was brown. Just your basic old ugly worn brown. So, I hit it with the blue paint brush and some glaze and it is amazing.
I need to put some molding on the bottom to hide the wood we added to stabilize it.

And last but not least. A plain old table with all its finish worn off..well zap-
It is now a great shade of blue with a bit of its former glory showing through.

As for other furniture, well I have shades of white, cream, blue, black and then natural wood.
I am trying to tie it all together but then also look good on their own. I need to do some major sewing but since it is supposed to rain Thursday I'll do it then.
Well off to do some more and just in case you are wondering- no I did not just quit the kitchen. The remaining bead board was installed this weekend so I need to finish painting it and then I need to get some new crown molding to paint- I have decided to paint the crown black so it will stand out a bit and draw some black up.
Enjoy your day.
~ tammy ~


  1. Love the little kid's chair in robin egg blue! I bought a $2 wooden high chair for a doll today... I'll bet it would look good painted that color blue too!

  2. Hi Tammy :)

    I love that blue! It sounds like everything is moving along pretty quickly for you. For me?? Well.... Rich's job is finished in the kitchen, so now the rest is up to me. At this point I'm painting the cabinets.

    BTW, what did you use on your countertops? I'm trying to make mine darker and then seal them.


  3. I love little rocking chairs. We have one in my family that my sister says was hers. She let my kids use it when they were little and growing up, now it stays at her house. I'm trying to remember what color it was the last time I saw it. The seat part has been restored many times, once I remember it being made from what looked like strips of an old rubber innertube. I love that rocking chair.

  4. Ahhhh, robin's egg blue. My favorite color! I think of it as a neutral since it goes with everything. Love the pieces you are working on.

    Enjoy your day, Tammy!

  5. Love that shade of blue! Gorgeous! And the rocker is precious! Just found your blog - my best friend has the same last name :)

  6. What a gorgeous color! I love it and your projects look beautiful! Great job!

    Thanks so much for posting my Fall Festival button on your site too! It was the best most pleasant surprise today! Thanks so much for putting a smile on my face.

    Hope you're getting plenty of rest after LABOR day weekend. Sounds like you deserve it!



  7. ohhhh...I am loving your colors...loverly!