2 Days to go - oh my gosh

2 days.
That is all the time I have left to finish about a bazillion projects for the show this Saturday.
I can't do much on Friday because we have to set up the tent and then all the furniture displays. I will have to work on some small last minute items that night - like our aprons to wear but otherwise I need to go to bed early as Saturday is one heck of an early morning.
But it will be fun and a great adventure - I can't wait. To top it off my best friend is flying in from Texas tomorrow to help me out with this launch of my business. What a girl.
Below you will see my business name and the explanation. I made it from lovely iron on and then draped it over my "orphan chair".

Below is the chair. It will be my sign in front of our booth. This is my original "orphan chair" that I bought at an auction over 6 years ago. It has moved with us twice with all the good intentions to fix it up. It will happen but right now she is doing duty as a sign and looking mighty good I might add.

Well I am off now - to sleep..got another long day ahead of me tomorrow. Keep saying to myself- it is all for the good.


  1. What a great name and what a great chair!

  2. Tammy - the name and b&w image are both top notch. Remember to have fun on Saturday - you'll sell more! ;)

  3. That photo turned out awesome!! Another 10+ hour day of work, now if I can just get enough energy to do some painting tonight! :)

  4. Good luck Tammy and have fun!
    ~ Heather

  5. I love your sign-PERFECT. I hope you come put your name in for my drawing-it's BIG