Beach 2009 Trip

Beach Time 2009
Well we are back and it was a nice vacation. But it is nice to be home. The kids had a blast and Jack and Sophie said they want to go back.
Here are some photos from the trip.
Here's the gang including grandma building a castle. She still loves to play in the sand and so does Daddy. The castle didn't get very big as well the attention span of the little ones went elsewhere.
This is Jon and he was the boogie board demon on this trip. He went out so far to the delight and fear of his younger siblings. They kept worrying he was too far. He is also our big digger. He will sit in the sand digging a hole for hours.
This is Jack. He loved the water as long as it was at his level. He did not enjoy going out with his dad but preferred to hang near the edge. You will notice he likes to scream or make noise no matter what it is he is doing. Very loud child.
Here is Sophie with dad. She was not too afraid to try anything. She loved going out with dad and jumping waves and such.
Here is Aunt Trisha doing what she did most other than covering up with a blanket on the couch because she was sunburnt- she is looking for shells. And man did she find alot of awesome ones.
The trip is over but we have lots of good memories and photos to remember it by. We will plan it again for next year..not sure if it will be on the 4th but it will be summer.
Glad to be back though - even to the kitchen from hell.


  1. Great pics. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Hugs, Marty